Carnival steakhouse: book or bust?

Its been asked many times from many different cruisers, "is the steakhouse worth it?". There are many things to consider when deciding whether or not to book a reservation for the steakhouse on board your cruise, here I'm going to give you a rundown of the pros and cons to help you decide if its a must book, or a bust.

The first thing you should consider when deciding to book the steakhouse is first: Does your ship have the steakhouse on board? When planning your cruise be sure to check on Carnival's website at the dining options on board the ship you will be sailing to ensure first and foremost if your ship has a steakhouse. Any of the newer ships such as the Vista class and the Dream class have a steakhouse on board but there are certain ships that do not, the Victory for example does not currently have one on board and will not until after its dry dock renovations in 2020, a lot of the older ships such as the Fascination and the Elation also are without a steakhouse on board.

Once you've determined if your ship has a steakhouse the next consideration would be the price, whether it fits into your budget, whether you are okay paying for a meal on board and any personal considerations you need to make. The steakhouse charges a fee of $38 for each adult and a $12 fee for any children age 11 and under. I personally believe that the price is very fair considering the amount of food and quality of service that comes with it. With the $38 fee you get your choice of a starter, a side salad, an entree, as well as desert. A picture of the menu is also present on this post so that you can see the options available.

The quality of the food in the steakhouse is amazing, they do not skimp on quantity or quality of the food. Every dish is full and filled with flavor and the servers go above and beyond to give five star service complete with recommendations and speedy delivery of drinks and dishes.

At the start of every visit in the steakhouse after being seated at white table cloth covered elegant table, a cart is brought table side to give a display of all entree options so that you may see the size and quality of your possible dinner.

The steakhouse on board always has a very formal feel, which is why some people opt to eat there rather than the main dining room on formal night, they can still dress up but have a more intimate and quiet dining experience. Some do not enjoy the amount of time typically spent in the steakhouse, normally a dinner in the steakhouse takes at least two to two and a half hours. So if you take a look at the fun times and see that there is a lot going on in the evening and you want to attend said activities then the steakhouse might not be a good option.

A perk of the steakhouse that most people are not aware of however is that if you book a table at the steakhouse on the first or second night of the cruise you will receive a complementary of red or white wine that you can open and have with dinner and even take back to your stateroom once you've finished. Even though we usually have the cheers package we're still eager to get a free bottle to keep in our stateroom for those days when you don't want to wait in line at the bar for a drink or when you're rushing to dinner, you can just pour your own glass to take with you.

Overall I'd rate the steakhouse on Carnival ships a 9/10. The formal and elegant feel and low lighting with beautiful ocean views always offers a very peaceful dining experience and the food on the menu is always amazing, especially for any steak lovers, all steak is cooked to perfection and presentation of all dishes is photo worthy every time.

If you have the opportunity to visit the steakhouse on your next Carnival cruise then I highly recommend you give it a shot and enjoy a nice four course meal and five star service.

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