Welcome to Cruising_with_Carnival

Welcome fellow cruise enthusiasts! My name is Brooke Courson and I am a very eager and committed Carnival cruiser. For those who don't know, Carnival Cruise Lines is known as the "Fun Ships" and every experience I've had thus far has held up to those expectations!

I'm here to share my knowledge, experiences, and tips and tricks to help you choose what cruise is best for you as well as how to cruise on a budget and get the best bang for your buck!

Whether its your first cruise or you've been around the ship a time or two, everyone can follow to enjoy some fun Carnival Cruise content as I sail away on as many Carnival Cruises as possible and of course, bring you all along.

So feel free to subscribe for more blogs and if you're feeling extra adventurous then head over to my instagram linked below to see some great original pictures and videos all from Carnival's finest ships!

Happy sailing!

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