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What Can You Use As A Substitute For An Inhaler

Alternatives to Inhalers While steroid or non-steroid inhalers have their uses, side effects can include an intractable sore throat. Steroid inhalers can have additional side effects and some inhaler medications such as Isuprel can cause paroxysmal atrial tachycardia in susceptible patients. On average, it costs around $315 for a month’s supply. Generic budesonide is also available as a nebulized solution and can be as low as $61 per month depending on your dose. However, that option may not be for everyone as a nebulizer is not as convenient to use as a handheld inhaler.

Inhaled corticosteroids Ventolin is GlaxoSmithKline's version of the drug Salbutamol. This drug is also manufactured by other companies under different names (the most common alternative is Albuterol). It may also be available simply as Salbutamol. This again may come in the three varieties of pill, injection and inhaler as stated in the passage above.


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